I blew up my site. Deal with it.

Since August  27, 2007 I’ve been chained to my very “How To” centric blog. For 5 years, 8 months, and 21 days 90% of my content has been about how to help others “do things” with code. The other 10% have been rants or raves about geeky-web-designer stuff.

That ends today. I have completely wiped the database and done a fresh install of WordPress.

You see, the purpose of this blog was to make money via referral links to products I use like MailChimp, Hostgator, and Genesis.

In order to generate enough traffic to make a sale, I would write about “How to do XYZ with ABC code” in hopes that it would generate sales leads to my freelancing business.

Now that I’m working at WebDevStudios, I no longer need to concentrate on referrals or lead generation. Instead, I can use my domain name as I see fit. Because, God forbid I write about my wife, kid, or crazy dogs…on a “tech blog”!

It wasn’t uncommon to lose four or five RSS subscribers every time I published anything other than code.

This is what traffic here usually looks like:

  1. USER TYPES INTO GOOGLE, “genesis code snippets”
  2. USER CLICKS ON MY POST “Genesis Code Snippets”

Enough is enough. I don’t want to be held hostage by this blog. I don’t want to maintain several social media accounts.  I almost signed up for a Tumblr account damnit! Why? When I can live my life online, all here, using custom post formats.

Bottom line: I want to “own my own data”. That starts with taking back my domain name.

  • Yes, I will continue to share and maintain code snippets – but those are going to move to GitHub.
  • Yes, I will probably re-write the top 5 posts from the old site (they’re due for a refresh anyway). Those include: Genesis Code Snippets, Install LAMP on Ubuntu, The Perfect APC Configuration, and Edit Genesis Footer.
  • Yes, you will see pictures of my family, dogs, camper, deer stand, and all the different beers I drink.
  • “But Greg! What about all the money from referrals??!!?!” Listen Scrooge McDuck, $15-$25 a month wasn’t exactly “payin’ the bills” ya know?

Thanks for following.

Author: Greg Rickaby

Director of Engineering @WebDevStudios / Author & Tech Editor @ForDummies / @WordPress Contributor / @gatsbyjs Maintainer

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