First day of school 2019

We’ve been getting Chloe ready for school for about a year. Even though she has zero trouble getting up on stage and dancing with the Center Stage Dance Company, she is an introvert like her dad (hi!) and has a hard time with new people, especially in large groups.

Tara has been working with her on her letters, numbers, writing, and coloring. Chloe has gotten really good at all those things, including writing her name. The one thing that she wasn’t so good at, was getting over the anxiety and the fear of being away from her whole world: home.

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Home networking upgrade

The Setup

We subscribe the Ultimate Internet Package (300/20 Mbps) from Spectrum. The Ultimate Package costs extra, but offers 3x the bandwidth vs the base package. Since I work from home, via the Internet, it’s easy to justify the extra expense.

To maximize that bandwidth, we connect with a Motorola Surfboard cable modem, a Linksys WRT 1900AC router, an 8-port Netgear ProSafe gigabit switch, and Monoprice CAT6 ethernet cable plugged into all the devices here in the Office.

When devices are plugged directly into the network, we often get download speeds ~400 Mbps and connecting to the 5 GHz wireless network, it’s easy to reach speeds ~300 Mbps.

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Band Camp 2019

Chase started by trying out for drum line at the end of the school year. The freshmen are told beforehand, that drum line is mainly comprised of upperclassmen, but they’re allowed to try out anyway.

Chase and the rest of the frosh didn’t make it, so he was assigned to play on the drum rack in the pit. This was great, because he’s been taking drums lessons for about a year.

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