Greg’s Homemade Pizza Recipe

I love making homemade pizza. It’s been a “Sunday staple” at our house for quite some time. Over the years, I’ve created a sort of Sicilian and Neapolitan style hybrid. This happened by accident when trying to copycat a Mellow Mushroom recipe. Personally, I love the chewiness of a Neapolitan, and the flavor of a Sicilian – and this dough brings the two together wonderfully. Yields two 12-14 inch pizzas.

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Yup, I think it’s time to ditch cable. Buh Bye Time Warner.

Most of you know we just moved. I was very happy with Charter in Montgomery. We had 3 brand-new HD-DVRs each with 1TB drives, 30/4Mbps un-throttled Internet that would burst to over 60Mbps, plus over 100 HD channels (all with excellent picture quality). Best of all, I didn’t pay any silly fees. I paid for the channels, premium channels, Internet, and only $14.99 for all three DVR’s. Total, I was paying $188 a month with Charter. Continue reading “Yup, I think it’s time to ditch cable. Buh Bye Time Warner.”

Microphone Shootout: Behringer B-1 vs Neumann TLM 103

I’m a 15 year radio veteran. I’ve seen the debate between high-end and low-end microphones both in-person and on internet message boards. Usually, the argument ends with snide comment like: “The Behringer is crap because it’s only $100 bucks!”… That’s not very scientific, so I wanted to study this on a technical level. Continue reading “Microphone Shootout: Behringer B-1 vs Neumann TLM 103”

I blew up my site. Deal with it.

Since August  27, 2007 I’ve been chained to my very “How To” centric blog. For 5 years, 8 months, and 21 days 90% of my content has been about how to help others “do things” with code. The other 10% have been rants or raves about geeky-web-designer stuff.

That ends today. I have completely wiped the database and done a fresh install of WordPress.

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