Chase’s first march @ EHS Wildcat Stadium

The city of Enterprise takes high school football very seriously, and the Big Blue Marching Band is a huge part of the program.

Just to get you caught up, Chase has been at band camp since July. He started with the rest of the freshman, down in the pit playing drums/keyboard, but halfway through camp was asked to join the drum line and play cymbals.

Tara and I volunteer with the band boosters, so we arrived early to get water, nachos, and uniforms ready. It was a lot of fun to be “part of the action” and give back to our community. The atmosphere was electric last night!

We’re so proud of everyone in the Band, and especially Chase for working so hard all summer! The Big Blue Marching Band sounds great!

Check out all the photos on the Band Booster’s Facebook:

Band Camp 2019

Chase started by trying out for drum line at the end of the school year. The freshmen are told beforehand, that drum line is mainly comprised of upperclassmen, but they’re allowed to try out anyway.

Chase and the rest of the frosh didn’t make it, so he was assigned to play on the drum rack in the pit. This was great, because he’s been taking drums lessons for about a year.

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First day of band camp, class of 2023 orientation

Chase starts the 9th grade at Enterprise High School this fall. It’s hard to believe that he’s going to graduate in 2023!

Chase will also be in the pit (with the rest of the frosh) playing the keyboard and other percussion instruments…and today was the first day of Band Camp. He arrived at 7:15 am, and I met him at EPAC for freshman orientation at 6:00pm. It was a long day for him to say the least.

When I caught up with him, he was dressed in shorts, a Marvel superhero shirt with his Nashville Preds cap turned backwards, and a neckerchief around his neck. He looked like he’d had quite a day.

“My calves hurt. My heels too.” he said.

As we walked into the EPAC, he continued telling me about his day. I’m not gonna lie, I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Some of my fondest memories are from Band Camp.

Next, we listened to Principle Harrison give his talk about the upcoming school year.

27 credits to graduate by 2023

As we grabbed his schedule and walked the halls of this monster of a high school (largest square footage in the state!) I felt another wave of nostalgia.

Make no mistake, my freshman year was awful… but after I joined the basketball, football, and baseball teams I was no longer an outcast and things got a lot better.

That’s my advice to you, son. Try new things. Meet new people. That’s the only way you’ll find yourself!

Tara, your mom, and I are looking forward to being part of this new chapter in your life. We’re proud of you!



Chase has moved from keyboard, and asked to join the drum line!